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Our Program

We have an educational program at the Centre, incorporating a preschool program for the 3 to 5 year olds.  The programs are on display in the rooms each week for parents to see.

All activities are designed to increase the children’s social, intellectual, emotional and physical development, whilst at the same time giving pleasure and satisfaction.

Planning the program revolves around the needs of all the children, the children’s expressed interests and strengths. All parents are invited to have input into our programs, your comments and suggestions are important in making any changes.

Journals are kept for each child. These are completed by the staff throughout the year and show the child’s level of development in areas such as gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, language, self help, social and emotional. Journals are available in the rooms to be viewed by parents and discussed with the primary care giver at any time.

The daily program includes periods of free play where children are encouraged to choose their own activities - indoors or outdoors - as well as periods of structured time where they are involved in more formal learning.

It is believed children learn self-discipline by being able to choose their own play activities. Sharing and co-operating with other children is encouraged by the staff.


School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness Program commences midyear and consists of special activities for children who will be attending school the following year. These activities include advanced puzzles and games, perceptual games, pre-reading and writing activities and counting. 

This is a structured preschool program to ensure each child is prepared and ready for school the following year.

The School Readiness Program runs for approximately 2 hours per day straight after lunch.

Towards the end of the year, we have a special lunch box week where the children bring in their lunch boxes and the cook makes them a packed lunch for the day.  This is a great opportunity for the children to learn what to eat first and when to eat recess and lunch, and to practice opening food up in their lunch boxes, which is often a difficult skill.



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