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The fees for 2018/2019 are $93.00 per day for a child enrolled in the Butterfly Room and $96.00 per day for a child enrolled in the Caterpillar Room.  These fees are for a full day.

You may be eligible to receive assistance from the Federal Government to help you with the cost of child care. See the Fact Sheets below for more information.

Our fee policy involves doing our best to 'sell' positions to casual enrolments if your child is not able to attend care on particular days, meaning no charge of fees to you if the position is sold. Not all child care centres offer this service.

We also do not charge for Public Holidays.

Working Bee Levy

The working bee levy is a yearly payment of $30.00 per family and this ensures our yards are maintained and tidy for the children to play in.

Late Fee

As the Centre is only licensed to care for children from 8.00am to 6.00pm we cannot be responsible for children before and after these hours.

The Centre has a policy that $10.00 per child will be charged for any child on the premises after 6.00pm, and an extra $1.00 per minute will be charged until the child is picked up.

Child Care Assistance

The following fact sheets are made available by the Federal Government to provide information to families about their child care needs and available assistance.

Fact Sheet 1:  What assistance is available for the cost of my child care?

Fact Sheet 2:  What is Child Care Benefit (CCB)?

Fact Sheet 3:  What is approved child care?

Fact Sheet 4:  What are the different types of approved child care?

Fact Sheet 5:  What is registered child care?

Fact Sheet 6:  How much Child Care Benefit (CCB) can I get?

Fact Sheet 7:  What is the Child Care Benefit (CCB) work, training, study test?

Fact Sheet 8:  What are my responsibilities for receiving Child Care Benefit (CCB)?

Fact Sheet 9:  Absences from child care - Child Care Benefit (CCB)

Fact Sheet 10:  What is the Child Care Rebate (CCR)?

Fact Sheet 11:  Is there any extra help I can get with my child care cost?

Fact Sheet 12:  What is Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Child Care fee assistance?

Fact Sheet 13:  What child care services are available in regional and remote communities?

Fact Sheet 14:  Is there any extra assistance for my child with additional needs?

Fact Sheet 15:  How do I know if my child is attending a quality service?

Fact Sheet 16:  Will my child be given priority for child care services?

Fact Sheet 17:  Where can I find a child care service that meets my needs?

Fact Sheet 18:  Where do I go for more information on child care?

Fact Sheet 19:  Absences from child care due to a local emergency - Child Care Benefit


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