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Our Philosophy

We believe that childhood is a unique and valuable stage of a person’s life, where each child deserves the right to learn through play and exploration in a nurturing environment.

We achieve this through offering a safe, secure, aesthetically inviting and stimulating environment, which naturally sparks curiosity and exploration. This also stimulates experimentation and risk taking within appropriate limits, as well as experiences to allow for repetition and imitation.

We believe that all families should access a warm, friendly and nurturing environment.

We achieve this through enhancing communication with all families by forming friendly co-operative and professional relationships. We encourage parents to participate in the Centre’s programs according to their own needs, interests and opportunities. We provide families with the opportunity to have quiet, personal time with their child at the Centre to learn about their child’s time at Gumnut Grove.

We believe that strong learning will take place when the children are allowed and encouraged to plan and carry out their own ideas and projects.

Learning is from the child’s perspective, about the things the child finds interesting and stimulating.  Learning activities arise out of each child’s interests, actions or spontaneous events.

We believe all children deserve the right to receive a high quality developmentally appropriate program based on individual needs, interests and abilities.

The staff will provide experiences, which allow for choice, exploration, problem solving and repetition. Staff will allow the children to work at a level, which suits their interests, abilities and developmental levels, as well as allowing the children to make choices about the types of materials they need to use.

We believe children learn through play and exploration.

We support this by providing all the children with fun and stimulating experiences. We encourage children to express themselves, communicate and listen to others and to make decisions. We encourage developing relationships between adults and children. We develop the children’s need for self-discipline in an environment which fosters self-esteem and confidence and which has age appropriate expectations. We value the importance of both the indoor and the outdoor environments.

We believe that it is important to develop a partnership with all parents.

We encourage our parents to share relevant information about their child with staff. We appreciate parent input, views and ideas and invite parents to participate in the program in any way they feel comfortable. We respect parent values and beliefs. We maintain confidentiality for families and remain approachable at all times.

We believe that each child’s cultural background is important in their development.

We respect and encourage each family’s beliefs, customs and traditions. We believe our children, families and staff should become aware of other cultures, people and beliefs and this is reflected through our programming in a variety of ways. E.g. special events, music, songs, resources, decoration, menus and visitors.

We believe the menu should provide the children with nutritionally balanced, healthy and enjoyable meals, which also reflects cultural backgrounds.

We aim to ensure meal times are nutritionally healthy as well as being a pleasant time for both children and staff and provide children with opportunities to explore a variety of foods, utilise their self help skills and serve their own meals.

We believe that staff and management should promote a team atmosphere.

Staff encourage a team feeling, where each member is valued for their contributions to the Centre. Open communication is essential to ensure teamwork. Management supports the need for a high quality centre, and has constant input into the effective running of the centre. Management and staff share a responsibility to keep up to date with current practices and with current regulations.

We believe our parents should have an active involvement in decision making.

We encourage parent’s input into the centre’s management, policies, philosophy, appearance and presentation, menu planning, room programs and accreditation. We ensure parents are informed and kept up to date with relevant information.


“There are always questions to pursue, hypothesis to investigate and discoveries to celebrate. Curriculum happens all day, in every routine, every action and every interaction.” 


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