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Donna Reeves


Hi, my name is Donna and I have worked in the office at Gumnut Grove since November 2009.  I am a bookkeeper and have a Diploma in Financial Planning.  I live on a farm with my husband Adrian and our three children; Sam, Blake and Grace.

I am the person to come to if you have any questions regarding fees or enrolments.


Favourite Colour:


Favourite Food:


Favourite Movie:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Favourite TV Show:

Game of Thrones

Favourite Author:

Patricia Cornwell

Favourite Pastime:



Fun Trivia:

»   I was born in the Year of the Goat.

»   I was born on a Thursday.

»   The name Donna is latin for 'Lady'.

»   'Hot Stuff' by Donna Summers was the No 1 song on the day I was born.

»   My fortune cookie reads: 'If you continually give, you will continually have'.


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